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What’s all the fuss about? Meet our adorable, 100% natural rubber teething friends.
by: Infantino • May 30, 2014 • Posted in Squeeze & Teethe, Teethers, Teething

Who knew that simple shapes, smiling faces and supple all-natural rubber would be the next big thing in teething toys? We did. 100% natural rubber comes from sustainable and renewable sources, and most importantly, it’s free from harmful chemicals like BPA, so you can feel good about giving your baby something they’ll soon grow to love. Plus it’s naturally flexible, easy-to-clean and simply squeezable!

Meet Kiki the Elephant. Those big ears aren’t just super cute, they’re specially designed to give little gums the perfect place to clamp down. Her flexible natural rubber mimics the feel of skin and will become familiar and comforting – so she’s easy for baby to find among a pile of other toys! You’ll love how easy she is to keep clean, and here’s a hot tip (or cool idea): keep her in the fridge to make her even more soothing to tender gums.

Our Squeeze and Teethe line includes a full cast of cute characters including Lamb, Cow and Peter Rabbit. All precisely shaped with bendy legs and curvy tails (with lots of little nubby parts, too) to really give baby something to chew on. Designed to just reach those pesky back molars and soothe sore gums all along the sides, and perfectly sized for little hands to hold onto, with smiling faces and fun, squeaky sounds that are sure to inspire a soon-to-be-toothy grin from an otherwise grumpy face.

To see our complete line of squeezable, squeakable, flexible, functional and 100% natural rubber Squeeze and Teethe teething toys, and many more popular products designed to keep baby (and mommy!) happy and content, visit us at

Hoping you’ll soon be kissing teething pain goodbye!

Love, Infantino

When baby’s budding teeth are really hurting, most teethers just don’t cut it.
by: Infantino • May 9, 2014 • Posted in Infantino, NEW PRODUCTS, Squeeze & Teethe, Teethers, Teething


There is nothing quite as heartbreaking as knowing your baby is in pain, and feeling helpless to make it stop. Teething can be painful for many babies, and it’s often frustrating enough to bring us mommies to tears, too. At Infantino, we’ve developed a line of loveable and adorable, soothing and supple, 100% all-natural rubber teething toys that are sure to become baby’s (and mommy’s) best friend.

Many babies start teething very young, and sometimes symptoms appear 2 to 3 months before that first little tooth does. Hand one of our Squeeze and Teethe toys to your teeny tot (who may not have even mastered how to use those little hands yet) and you’ll both soon discover lots of things to love about it. Like how even tiny babies can manage to grab and grip onto the soft, supple shapes! And when given a squeeze, a hug, or even a toss to the floor, our teethers give a rewarding squeak back. Soon enough, specially-designed ears and tails and feet will make it into mouths and onto sore gums, providing baby and mommy with that extra-special “ahhhhhh” moment of relief, happiness and success.

With a full-line of adorable animal characters, complete with smiling faces, nibbly-nubbly parts, and bendy ears, legs and tails, our Squeeze and Teethe teethers are sure to grab (and keep) the attention of your little one. Here’s something else to chew on: our squeezable, squeakable, flexible and functional teething toys are made of 100% natural rubber and free of harmful chemicals like BPA. So you can feel good about giving your baby something that’s simply soft, renewable and naturally nontoxic. Visit our website to see our complete line of Squeeze and Teethe teethers.

Happier teething!

Love, Infantino


Neoprene Necessities – The art of baby changing on the go!
by: Infantino • February 28, 2014 • Posted in Infantino, Neoprene Necessities, On-The-Go

What goes into your baby’s diaper bag? Extra pants, extra top, extra socks, burp cloth, juice, crackers, the can’t-leave-home-without-the-favorite-stuffed-animal, pacifier, toys, and maybe a book or two. (And perhaps that set of keys you haven’t seen for a few days.) So it’s much more than a diaper bag, it’s a big, big, baby bag.

In fact, you might have so much baby paraphernalia in your diaper bag, you might actually have trouble finding the namesake diapers. The Infantino Stuff It™ 2-in-1 diaper kit to the rescue. This cute little expandable and flexible tote allows you to stuff diapers, wipes, the matching changing pad and more into a small, handy-dandy clutch. Gotta change a baby? You’re ready!

Here are just a few reasons why we love the Stuff It tote and pad so much:

We heart stretchy neoprene. You know what neoprene is? It’s the stretchy, can-get-wet material that surfers’ wetsuits are made out of. It’s sturdy and stylish and allows you to stuff a lot into that little Stuff It clutch.

The large removable changing pad offers dense cushioning, without a lot of bulk, to help protect little bottoms wherever you’re changing them.

Washable is wonderful. How many times have you grabbed a towel to change your baby on and your little bundle of joy makes a little bundle of mess? You can stick both the pad and clutch in the washing machine and they will both come out fresh as new. For minor spills, you can also wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Because style counts. The Stuff It clutch and pad sport a cute modern graphic print. Perfect whether you have a little boy or girl.

Easy to store. The Stuff It tote has a snap handle, so you can hang the tote on the outside of your baby bag or even hang on a hook.

Always more fun with friends. If you love the Stuff It as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know there are more items in the Neoprene Necessities collection.  Introducing the Hold it

bottle sleeve, the Tote it™ bottle holder, the Wipes Out™ wipes pouch and Roomy

back seat car storage!

May you and baby have many happy adventures on the go!


Life is one big, happy, messy trip. Enjoy the ride!
by: Infantino • February 10, 2014 • Posted in Neoprene Necessities, NEW PRODUCTS, On-The-Go, Travel

As moms, we love taking our little ones on new adventures and at Infantino we know that whether you’re running out the door for a quick errand or traveling for a month to Europe, venturing out into the world with baby offers the same challenges: how to stay safe, happy and comfy without getting weighed down by a ton of stuff?

That’s why we’ve created a line of modern travel accessories that are functional and stylish to boot. Thanks to the Neoprene Necessities™ stretchability factor, these products will, quite amazingly, stretch-to-fit pretty much any and every size and shape of baby gear. The wipeable neoprene fabric cleans in an instant or pops into the washer with no special fuss. It’s cushy, comfy, and fun for little hands to grip and tug. Did we mention water-resistant? (And milk, juice and smoothie resistant?) Yep, and all these must-haves are stylishly designed to match your sense of style.

Our full line of travel accessories includes the germ-defying Slim™ Neoprene Shopping Cart Cover, Roomy™ back seat storage organizers and a variety of cushiony, clever products to make your on-the-go lifestyle oh-so-easy.

One of our favorites – the Hold It™ bottle sleeve, sure to fit baby’s favorite “ba-ba.”  The Neoprene Necessities super slim fabric has excellent insulation properties to help keep bottles warm or cool. Hey, we’ve been known to slip our own beverages into this slick little sleeve, which attaches to a stroller handle or diaper bag strap in a snap. Visit us online to see the complete line of Neoprene Necessities.

Happy traveling!

Love, Infantino


Infantino’s™ Sash Mei Tai Carrier Earns The Value Award for Best Baby Carriers by
by: Infantino • June 21, 2013 • Posted in Babywearing, Carriers, Infantino, Mom Central, Mom Share, Products, Uncategorized

Best Baby Carrier Award

We’d like to thank all the experts at for testing the Mei Tai Sash. Their support and love for our carriers got us a top spot in their recent baby carrier rankings.

For those who haven’t checked out, it’s one of the most trusted websites for providing reliable baby product reviews and helpful information for Moms of all ages and stages. They compared 15 of the top baby carriers out there, doing a side-by-side test to figure out the best baby carrier prices and values. Each baby carrier was ranked according to the most important factors that moms consider during purchase and in their day-to-day use. These included safety, carrying comfort, baby’s comfort, ease-of-use and ease-of-cleaning. And… our Mei Tai Sash was a big hit!

The Mei Tai carrier is based on a centuries-old style of babywearing designed for hands-free toddler care, allowing new mothers to simultaneously work and care for their growing babies. Traditionally, mothers created soft structured baby carriers from a variety of materials found in their homes such as bed sheets and shawls. Building on the fundamentals and benefits of this babywearing original, the Mei Tai is a soft and stylish frameless carrier that hugs your body and adjusts to your baby as they get bigger – so you can use it throughout their growing years.

The Sash Mei Tai also gives you three carrying positions; a combo of facing in and side, and backpack-style carrying positions. No other baby carrier gives Mom so many ways to stay close to their little one. The Mei Tai is more than just a carrier. The Mei Tai develops a priceless bond that traditional strollers simply can’t create.

If you’d like to learn more about the Mei Tai, visit our website for additional information.

At Infantino, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. We believe in helping moms find the perfect fit for their size, shape, lifestyle and baby – whatever brand that may be. To help you with this, we created an online Babywearing Guide to help get you started and learn more about the benefits of babywearing, styles and options.

You can find the guide on our website at, where you can also check out all of our carriers and other mom-inspired products. We also invite you to like our Facebook page at and follow our twitter account @infantino to share your babywearing experience and get insider specials and discounts.

There’s No Place Like Close™ – That’s Just How We See It.
by: Infantino • April 30, 2013 • Posted in Babywearing, Carriers, Infantino, Mom Central, Products, Uncategorized


Choosing a Baby Carrier or Baby Wrap That’s Right for You by Infantino

A baby is on the way or has just arrived, and the weight of many decisions is on your shoulders.  We’ve been there and that’s why we want to offer as much information as possible to help make choosing a baby carrier a happy and successful experience.

At Infantino, we believe in the benefits of babywearing and that what works for some may not work for others.  That’s why we created a line of functionally-diverse carriers that suit many carrying needs, ranging from a quick convenience need to helping parents follow the practice of attachment parenting.

We think baby carrier reviews can be very helpful and want to help steer you towards the right carrier. There’s also something to be said about getting information from the folks that make them and we want to do our best to provide you with helpful information that helps you find the perfect fit.  So we’ve developed an informational babywearing carrier guide that includes an overview of carrying style and baby carrier types.

In our guide we cover all styles of carriers including wrap carriers, ergonomic carriers, Mei Tai baby carriers, backpack carriers and soft-structured carriers with front-facing carrier positions.  Once you’ve identified what baby carrier seems right for you, we invite you to look through our selection of top quality baby carriers and see what we have to offer. All of the Infantino carrier pages include educational carrier videos that show you how to use the carrier, which, we think, helps a lot in the decision process. You’ll also see very unique features that can’t be found in any other carrier like the supportive capped sleeves of the Bliss Carrier and the lumbar feature of our Sync Wrap carrier.

We love babywearing and we want you to love it, too. So be it the Sash Mei Tai, our Bliss carrier or Infantino’s carrier accessories, we hope you’ll enjoy keeping baby close as much as we do.

Happy babywearing!
Love, Infantino

Everybody Plays Wrap-up
by: Infantino • October 17, 2012 • Posted in Everybody Plays


















Another Successful Year Under Our Belts!

And so ends another fantastic and inspiring Everybody Plays campaign. Throughout the last couple of days we’ve seen countless smiles and heard hundreds of giggles as we’ve celebrated and photographed the unique qualities of our little participants.

This year’s event once again featured the extraordinary Kelle Hampton, and there really are no words for how appreciative and honored we are to have her on-set as a guest photographer. Keep doing what your doing Kelle – you are truly a wonderful woman!

From set-up to the shoot itself to the final click of Kelle’s camera, Everybody Plays was a sight to behold. Children everywhere, excited parents, new products strewn across the set… a wonderful and crazy madhouse! And we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Through initiatives like Everybody Plays, Infantino stays strong and committed to featuring children of all shapes, sizes, smiles and styles on our packaging and advertising. Just Because.

Keep an eye out for photos from this latest event to hit the shelves or be featured on our website early next year. And check out Infantino’s Facebook page to stay in the know on all of our upcoming events, campaigns and giveaways.

Everybody Plays Again
by: Infantino • August 27, 2012 • Posted in Everybody Plays, Just BeCause

Last year, we introduced our Everybody Plays campaign – celebrating the unique faces, smiles and styles of babies everywhere. We then collaborated with super-awesome photographer and blogger Kelle Hampton to capture some fresh faces for our packaging and website using real Infantino parents and kiddos.

It was such a positive experience and all around success that we’re giving it another go this year. This year’s event will be held from October 16th – 17th – make sure to follow our Facebook page on those days to get real time updates and images from the shoot.  In the meantime, you can see some of Kelle’s work from last year’s campaign and read her blog right here.


Fresh Squeezed
by: Infantino • July 13, 2012 • Posted in Fresh Squeezed

Make it. Take it. Yum!

Now you can create fresh, personalized baby foods in a snap and take them anywhere. Our new Fresh Squeezed line has everything you need to mix, mash and craft your own delicious creations, then put them right into go-anywhere, eat-anywhere, easy-to-store squeeze pouches. It’s all about natural, delicious and fresh baby food – in a few easy steps.

The Fresh Squeezed collection won’t be available in-store at Babies”R”Us” until September, but we want to hear what parents out there think about it NOW! That’s why we’ve launched our Fresh Squeezed Test and Tell review program. Winners were chosen in early July and have been asked to hold their very own Fresh Squeezed “feeding parties,” then give us feedback, reviews, insights and ideas on the Fresh Squeezed feeding line. They’ll be sharing their experiences on our Facebook page in the coming weeks, so make sure to check it out and get in on the conversation! Even if you’re not part of the current Test and Tell campaign, we still want to get your input and thoughts on Fresh Squeezed. And make sure to “Like” us to stay informed about future Test and Tell campaigns…we’re always looking for parents like you to help us develop the very best products for you and baby!


Fair Fun
by: Infantino • February 10, 2012 • Posted in Toy Fair, Uncategorized

We’re excited to be part of the upcoming 2012 American International Toy Fair in New York, where we’ll be showcasing some of our new product lines along with photos from our Everybody Plays campaign. Here at Infantino, we know that no two babies grow, talk or play exactly alike and we believe that that’s what makes them awesome. Our Everybody Plays campaign, with the help of photographer and blogger extraordinaire Kelle Hampton, celebrates exactly that and encourages celebrating each babies’ uniqueness through play, laughter and love.

The American International Toy Fair is one of the largest toy trade shows in the world and one where products from around the globe are premiered. Needless to say, Infantino is thrilled to be part of it and believe it’s the perfect forum to spread our passion for happy parenting with new, innovative and fun toys and accessories developed to make you, and your little ones, smile.

You can be part of the fun too! We’ll be posting pictures of the fair, first looks, cool ideas and fun events from all of our favorite spots in the city. Just hashtag #toyfair2012, #everybodyplays or keep an eye on our Facebook page for daily updates.  Get ready New York…here we come!

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