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Simpatico with Sync
by: Infantino • November 4, 2011 • Posted in NEW PRODUCTS, Sync Comfort Wrap Carrier

I’ve gotten pretty close to Infantino’s new Sync Carrier in the last few months. I was able to snag one in early August from our Product Development peeps and it has been my right-hand-wrap ever since.

I would classify myself a frequent babywearer and I’m pretty demanding on the collection of carriers I own. I do a lot of errands on foot, am not a fan of carrying awkward car seats and don’t like the idea of loading strollers in and out of my car. I also do a bit of traveling with my two young kids.

I think it’s important to tell a little bit about myself because babywearing is an incredibly personal experience. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not a one-carrier-fits-all world. That being said, the Sync is a perfect option for me, and here’s what made it such a simpatico choice…

For me the Sync was a great infant hold carrier. The panels are woven with just a touch of give and the resulting fabric kept my son really close and tight to me. Once he was in I didn’t have to tighten or adjust. The straps are stretchy, soft, and non-intrusive, and are incredibly simple to tie.

On a more emotional note, the closeness the Sync provides actually makes me feel pregnant again. I find myself rubbing the bump my son creates and experiencing the sense of calm and serenity I had in the months before he was born. Total connection.

My Quick List of Loves

I can roll it up and pop it in my diaper bag.
The comfortable lumbar support belt.
I can easily do a hip carry (though I prefer a front carry).
I can comfortably sit in it.
It is gosh darn pretty and trendy to boot!

When I Might Not Use It

If I need to remove it quickly – airport security, busy parking lots, etc. In those cases I tend to go with our Support carrier.
If I am going to be in an especially dirty place where the straps might touch the ground.
If my husband plans to take a turn carrying the lil’ man.

Click here to see it in action!
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